Home portrait sessions arranged.
Norfolk Photography Course Examples

Home portrait sessions arranged in the comfort of your own home or at a location agreed between us.
Below is a small selection of some of the pictures that have been taken during these course
together with some links to my other sites

You will be shown how to take pictures like these below.

Some courses, due to the shorter day time scale, will not be able to cover everything shown.

Home Course Content -- Freelance Info and Itinerary

Click on the items below to view a few more pictures in each group.

Wildlife photographs.
HDR - High Dynamic Range.
Night Photographs.
Aerial photography
Yacht racing
Time Lapse
Wedding photography Aerial Video.
You will be shown how to set up your camera for different types of photography,
DoF - Depth of Field, BULB setting for night time and long exposure, Time lapse, Multi shoot.
If you use a Canon DSLR you may be able to try one of my lens
which include, a wide angle, 28 - 300 mm L IS Telephoto lens, 800mm Mirror Reflex.

I will also give you a list of software which you can download - for a IBM pc - free of charge.

The course will cover the use of some software and we will look at any pictures you have taken previously.
If you wish to bring your own laptop then that is OK.
Also as there are many types of memory cards in use I would suggest you bring a USB card reader for your style of memory card.

For more details, to book a course or if you have any questions then please either email, or telephone me.

EMAIL:- paul @ ncsl.co.uk --- Telephone 07879496714

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