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View the ARDEA Wherry as it arrived at Lowestoft.

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Some short Video clips of the Norfolk Broads and its interesting parts.

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Hunsett Mill
Salhouse Broad

These will be updated and improved on as soon as I can capture more clips.

If you find the videos run slow, then click onto the blue link to open in new window.

Norwich Bridges

Breydon in a swell

Fast Cruising into Norwich

Going through Mutford Lock

Going through Mutford Lock

Launch of Broad Ambition

Stuck under Ludham Bridge

Boat stuck aground on Barton Broad

Passing Through Yarmouth

Going under Ludham Bridge

Going under Ludham Bridge

Forum meeting at Ranworth 2006

Southern River trip.

Boat stuck on Braydon.

Going through Yarmouth

Crossing Braydon from Norwich

Broad Ambition Close Encounter

If you can not make the trip on to the Broads then here is a Panaramic view of Womack Broad.
Quicktime Player required to view. Can be downloaded here
Or you can view with JAVA viewer by CLICKING HERE

Good sailing.