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This Web Site has been set up for the communication hobby relating to
Computers, Radio Receivers and Transmitters.
If you know of software relating to the hobby that is either
commercial, freeware or shareware then please let me know
so I can consider adding it to the list.

All the programs that receive or transmit
will need other receiving or transmitting equipment
or Radio Transmitting license.

FastCounter by LinkExchange

For Novell Netware Server & Business Software.
CQ Log and CQ Callbook
CQ Log
The powerful logging program for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP. It is the total control center for everyday on-the-air activities. Full-featured logging of QSOs; statistics for many awards. Can save up pictures for SSTV-QSO. Two-way data exchange with MixW2, and DigiPan.
This it is an auction site to allow hams to sell their old equipment or anything free of charge no fees at all just doing it as a hobby in my old age hi hi saves them having to pay exorbitant fees on other sites regards Rich G4IBW
Norfolk Amateur Radio Site
Norfolk Amateur Radio
Local Radio Club Site
Another good site for Ham Software
DX Soft
It is listed in English - German - Russian
Ham radio / amateur radio, short wave, CB, DSP software
Down Load DSP
It is primarily intended for use by ham radio / amateur radio, short-wave listeners, and CB (citizens band) radio operators. In spite of many advanced features, having extensive context sensitive online help and a visual oriented interface make learning and using eSoftAnywhere DSP & More come naturally. Where other software and hardware DSP implementations fail to offer DSP that it is actually usable, eSoftAnywhere DSP & Mores’ easily selectable and configurable presets, a point and click user interface for frequency selection, and several different user selectable visual representations of audio to choose from, make setting and configuring DSP filtering options easy and intuitive.
EchoLink is software which allows Amateur Radio stations to communicate with one another over the Internet
Down Load EchoLink
This takes you straight to the Echolink main site where new versions can be downloaded / checked.
Go to Download and enter your callsign and email address to see latest version number.
Or check the Software Update option under the Help on the top of the EchoLink program.
EchoLink is software which allows Amateur Radio stations to communicate with one another over the Internet, using voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology. The program enables worldwide connections to be made between stations, from computer to station, or from computer to computer. EchoLink is designed to interoperate with the popular iLINK software. EchoLink can communicate with any station running either EchoLink or iLINK, embracing and extending the features of iLINK.
View your PC Specification with this little utility
Down Load CpuInfo.exe
Available from web site
Looking for the International Space Station MIR?
Then click HERE
Welcome to Heavens-Above If you're interested in satellites or astronomy, you've come to the right place! Our aim is to provide you with all the information you need to observe; satellites Mir and the International Space Station the Space Shuttle the dazzlingly bright flares from Iridium satellites as well as a wealth of other spaceflight and astronomical information. Many people don't even realize that satellites can easily be seen with the naked eye. We not only provide the times of visibility, but also detailed star charts showing the satellite's track through the heavens. All our pages, including the graphics, are generated in real-time and customized for your location and time zone.
Now send and receive VIDEO-MAIL to almost anyone.
For more information have a look at the video-email here.
Click to down load an Video-email demo.
Or get your copy from Serome Technologies
Using adjustable video and audio compression technology Picmail can send adjustable quality audio/video files via email.

VHF/UHF Logging Software for Windows 95/98

VHF-DX for Win95/98 is a VHF/UHF Logging Program specifically designed for 50MHz and above operation. The program supports all major North American VHF/UHF contests including "Rover" operation from up to 31 different grid locations. Award totals for VUCC, WAS, DXCC and EME-initials are tracked on each band from 50MHz to 10GHz including OSCAR Satellite. There are many different log output reports to help keep track of each award. For OSCAR contacts the satellite name and up/down link mode are logged.
Read & Download area
OK I know this is not Software but for you who still enjoy the building of equipment, then this site link is not to go un-noticed.
I hope you find it of use.
This is the NOAA Weather Forcasting Site
The accompanying list of software is purely intended as informational with no implied endorsement. For further information on the software, you will need to contact the companies directly.
WinPack V6.51 (the latest full release version) WINP651.EXE (2.05Mb) is a full installation system. It's a self-extracting archive, but it can also be used to make a two floppy disk installation set if you want to pass on WinPack to others on floppy. See WINFLOP.TXT for instructions on how to do this. ALSO AVAILABLE; - ADD ON AS WELL
Send pictures over the Packet network.
Automatic receive and display of full color, high-resolution, Image Files in GIF, JPG, BMP and WMF formats. Automatic receive and playback of Audio Files in WAV and MP3 formats. Familiar, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use Windows interface. Separate send and receive windows.
PicturePacket available on new CDROM from Buck Rogers, K4ABT. Automatic receive and play of Audio Files in WAV and MP3 formats
FTV Program by 9H1JS
Brian Cauchi
This uses the Sound Card as the demodulator.
A Full 28 page manual is included in the download file. Some modes can transmit as well as receive.
Payment will be required if you continue to use it.
Download the Program Files.
Download the
Picture demos.
By DL5YEC W.F. Schroeder
A well known software program that will receive CW, RTTY, Amtor & PACTOR.
A small and cheap to build interface
using 741 or 555 timer is required.
Full details are available within the program.
Payment will be required if you continue to use it.
HamCom31 now

JVComm32 is a multipurpose programme for the reception of HF-FAX weather charts, weather images from low earth orbiting satellites (e.g. NOAA), and geostationary weather satellites such as METEOSAT
Free demo version for unregistered users. JVComm32 can be used for the reception and transmission of amateur-radio SSTV (Slow Scan TeleVision) In SSTV mode, JVComm32 receives and transmits all the modern popular free run modes including the new high resolution "Pasokon" modes P3, P5 and P7. A new type of mode detection by evaluating the scan line frequencies of SSTV transmissions has been implemented in JVComm32. This enables for the automatic reception of pictures without having to decode the VIS code. JVComm32 runs with a simple 16 bit sound, and some other external interfaces.
Read and download from HERE
WACARS Aircraft Positioning & Reporting System
Uses the Sound Card interface.
This is a FREEWARE decoder program for windows.
It allows the decoding of ACRAS signals direct to your PC for the positioning of aircraft. Will automatically log all messages received. Sort and list in flight numbers. Has signal strength meter built in.
Info From from HERE
or email Download from Here
Audio scope program for the PC.
Uses the Sound Card interface.
See what your audio is really like.
Full colour and single or dual channel with wide frequency resolutions.
Software for either windows 3.1 or 95.
Available to view or DOWNLOAD from this site.
RadioCom 4.0
Digital decoder
This programme will enable you to decode digital and analog signals out of any high quality Transceiver / Receiver. It will also improve sound readability quality, This ability was only possible before hand using a High Cost DSP-Receiver and or complex active and costly filters. All of this is possible using the existing DSP capabilities of your Computer and (DSP) Sound, and all of this Without any complicated hardware interfaces, the signal from the Receiver goes directly into the computer for processing. With a COM-Port and Soundcard combination Transceiver / Receiver can be accomplished as well. The DSP processed and filtered signal will normally output from your computer-loudspeaker system. RadioCom 3.5 will be delivered in the basic version with BONITO -DSP-filter-analyzer, RTTY, CW, FAX, SSTV and DCF77-decoder.
DOWNLOAD From here
The SunAngle program is distributed as shareware, and you are requested to pay a small fee if you use the software. By paying the quite reasonable shareware fee, you will support the author's efforts to improve this program, write other programs, and respond to user feedback. This program will work out the Sun Angle from any location in the world.
It is ideal for you who use Solar Panels for battery charging.
The Sun Angle Program
Click here to use
Amateur Radio Contest Logging Software.
Contest Logging Program


Not a lot of details about the program but some good write-ups have been made.
Not shareware. !!!
Download From here after 11/10/1999.
VHF OR Microwave


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