Norfolk Broad Photography & Wildlife Workshops

The full day course can be for one or up to FOUR people.
A full 8 hour course is 150.00 for UP TO FOUR people

You will be shown various aspects of camera settings and additional, Timelapse, HDR ( High Dynamic Range ), DoF ( Depth of Field ).
The use of various software items together with a free list of software that is available to download
and use freely that will help you improve the final results of your photographs.

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You will have a full day as a guest on board my boat, we will start the day with a coffee and a chat about the day ahead.
We will work through some camera settings that should be of help when taking wildlife photographs and other types of pictures.
The trip will take in various parts of the Broads depending where we start from.
Various stops along the way for any photo oppertunities to capture different items including, Landscapes, Mills, Boats etc.
Some time will be spend on viewing photographs that you have taken and looking at the selection of software that can be downloaded free.

If you use a Canon DSLR then you may even be able to try one of my 28 - 300 mm L Telephoto lens and 800mm Mirro Lens
Courses can normally be arranged to suit your selves
Why not join my