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I have a collection of 400+ beanie babys includes buddies punkies and jingle beanies etc they are all ( as good as new) im looking to sell the whole lot together or if the price is reasonable they can be sold seprately. The collection includes beanies like Buckingham,Britannia plus more of the rare beanies . Each beanies includes a tage protector and plastic protecter bag in order to keep in top condition for any offers please contact Emma at thankyou .
I have about 50 mint condition Beanies for Sale. Open to offers, with tag protecters, very reasonable!! Contact
Retired beanie baby bears for sale (mint cond) includes.The End.Year and Holiday bears,and many many more.e-mail me Pokemon cards!! are more than 500 cards in very good condition. about 20 shinies also in good condition. to get a full listing of the cards please email me and i will also send pictures. this is excellent for collectors and children. u get roughly 650 cards all for 75 thats 11p per card. if u want seperated cards chose fron the list in the email and email me back. thank you
I am selling all off my collection of beanie babys, i have 129 in total wanting to sell all at once as a job lot or will be willing to sell individually if price is good, all in excellent condition if interested pls e-mail me a list of what you are looking for or for more details e-mail me at
I am looking to sell retired TY beanie babies, buddies and attic treasures, all in mint condition. I have approx. 40 items. My collection includes: Ty 2K Halo Millenium 1999 signature bear Clubby 1998 1999 holiday bear To give these or any other beanie babies a home, please email me at
I am Selling Pokemon Cards I have them stored in a Pokemon folder i have Had them since 1999 so they are First edition. Very good condition i sell them for 20 for more then 50 cards 1 to 2nd edition. Email me
I am interested in selling the following beanie babies as I am moving to a small flat and will not have the space to keep them: Scorch the Dragon Loosy the Goose Puffer the Puffin Stinky the Skunk Freckles the Leeopard Canyon the Couger Patti the Platypus The 1999 Signiture Bear Scat the Cat Silver the Cat Pounce the Cat Chip the Cat Mel the Koala All are mint with mint tags. I am located in the Uk, Please email for more details -
ty teenie Beanie Babies 2000 McDonalds still in cases The End the bear; Humphrey, the camel; Chilly the Polar Bear; Peanut the Royal Blue Elephant; McDonalds teenie babies 1998 set #1 to 12 still in plastic bags 1 Doby; 2 Bongo; 3 Twigs; 4 Inch; 5 Pinchers; 6 Happy; 7 Mel; 8 - Scoop; 9 Bones; 10 Zip; 11 Waddle; 12 Peanut; McDonalds teenie babies 2000 still in plastic bags 1 Lips; 4 Dotty the Dalmatian McDonaldd teenie 2000 International Bears II - still in cases 1 Germania; 2 Osito; 3 Spangle; offers??? have many more regular ones but will list later
Hi, I have Buckingham beanie and Buckingham buddy for sale, please e-mail me with offers Hi i have a Scotland beanie for sale excellent condition 40 E-mail
Hi my name is Charlie and i have about 60 beanie babies for sale. All in good condition and with tags. Imcluding Britannia and other bears and animals. i live in the uk, but please e-mail me if you are interested. thx alot. email me at Lots of beanies for sale including Britannia, Princess
i am looking for ty beenies, good condition, cheap, in the uk!.e-mail me at
Beanie Baby Collection For Sale UK. Various Bears including Britannia, Princess, Birthday Bear, Ty 2K, Peace (pastel), Kicks, Fuzz, have around 100 altogether. Would like to sell as one lot but will separate if the price is right! please email for complete list.
I have 100- beanies to sell, most in $8 range, some more expensive including glory, 1999 teddy, valentino, fetch, pugsly, whisper. all in mint condition. want to sell as group for $450 obo. serious inquiries only.
Hey im josh and i want these beanies mint condition with tags. Sting stingray, peking, bumble bee, humphery, chilly, caw, liberaty, and dinosour trio. Also selling pokemon cards, shinys 55, rare 37, promo 8 including very rare ancient mew, diomonds 77 please e-mail me at if you want to sell beanie babies or buy pokemon cards.
Hi I've got a huge collection of Pokemon cards, trying to raise money for a World Challenge expedition; probably about 40 rares, many shineys, and also a huge collection of commons and uncommons. If you're interested, and live in the UK, email and I'll mail you a complete card list. Then we can talk about prices. Hope to hear from you soon!
We buy Beanie Bears in quantlty. If you have a collection that you wish to sell then e mail me the list and we will make you an offer. They must have tags. Any quantity considered. We will pay in any currency worldwide. email us at
I have a PG Tips Bean Chimp in mint condition still in the box and in its wrapper, never opened. Can you tell me please if it is of any value.
hi i have a second edition charizard for sale email for the price you will like to pay Also if you have a charizard first edition card ill pay you 50.00 dollers for it. at
VERY GOOD CONDITION POKEMON TRADING CARDS FOR GREAT PRICES!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have a wide variety of topps trading cards for sale including shiney: 04charmander,05charmeleon, 07squirtle, 10caterpie, 23ekans, 24arbok, 28sandslash, 40 wigglypuff, 43oddish, 52meowth, 59arcanine, 74geodude, 109koffing, 110weezing and one of the most rare pokemon cards in the world shiney 25PIKACHU. the others i have are not shiney but in near immaculate condition they are: x2 bulbasaur, x2 ivysaur, x2 venusaur x3 charmander, x2 charmeleon, x1 charizard, x2 squirtle, x2 wartortle, x1 blastoise, x2 caterpie, x1 kakuna, x2 sandslash, x1 nidoran, x1 nidorina, x1nidoqueen, x1nidoking x1 vulpix, x1ninetails x1 zubat, x1golbat, x1 oddish x1 vileplume, x1 paras, x1 parasect, x1 meowth, x1 persian x1 psyduck, x1 mankey, x1 primeape, x2 growlithe x1 poliwag, x1poliwhirl, x1poliwrath x1 machop, x1 machoke, x1 machamp x1 tentacruel, x2 geodude, x1 graveler, x1 golem and i own all the topps trading cards that make up the logo card (also for sale). im not sure how much i want for them but would like to get rid of them before christmas. im a 13 year old girl that wants some money for prezzies. thanx very much..Freya x x x e-mail me @
I Have a large collection of Japanese Pokemon Cards and English Pokemon Cards that I need to get rid of. None are fake. I am selling all very cheap. I have alot of rare ones as well. There are to many for me to list them all. If you e-mail me at and tell me the name of the card you want I will check to see if I have got it and then I will e-mail you back. When e-mailing please note what city and country you are from, What card you would like AND what set it is in, and a reasonable price in British Sterling and/or pence.
i have old and rare beanies all in perfect condition i have 80 or more i also have beanie cards i am selling and teenie beanies i am also selling just e-mail me for the price list and of all the names thank you i have the following beanies for sale ...... billionaire bear and liberty bear ... offers????
I have the floowing beenie babies I would like to sell all for different prices *blackie the bear, Happy the gray hippo, Bones the dog* ($9-$15) do tot he fact there tags were torn off 9 yeras ago before they were popular) I also have the teenie beenie babies *mel, pinky(flammingo), Zig(cat), Happy (purple hippo), Choclate(moose), Lizz(Lizzard), Snort(red bull) & chops(lamb)*(8 each or 50 for all 7) I also have brownie the bearBUT he is missin the tag. According to my research, with a tag hes worth $3600, so please let me know if u are interested in him, and we can work something out. Thanks~ email--
I would like to sell my beanie babies. I have Mysitc, Silber, Fleece, Mel, Pinky, Seaweed, Snip, BEak, Rocket, Princess, Kicks, Peace, and Hope. I also have a few Attic Treasures; Rafaella, Katrina, baron, Purrcy, Eva, Ivan, and Salty. All are in excellent condiditon and have tags. I will be accepting best offer. Please email me at Thank You!
I have 40 or so benie babies that I would like to sell. I will sell the whole bunch for $250 or for $7 each. For a list of beanies or any information contact me at and I will get back with you
I have MANY TEENIE babies, all in mint condition and in packages! I have the 2nd, 3rd and 4th sets, all the bears (Maple, Britannia, Glory and Erin), legends, dinosaur trio, international bears II, american trio, millenium edition, the end, and GLORY THE BEAR mcdonalds crew only edition...if interested in any, please email me at and in the subject line put beanies!
I wish to sell my collection of beanie babies. I have as follows Brittania Bear, Floppity, Hippity, Hoppity, Peace Bear, Princess Di Bear, Erin , Fuzz, Pinchers, Curly, Halo, Santa, Fortune, Valentino, Valentina, Hope, Blackie. All are tagged and in excellent condition. Will sell as package or singular to best offers. Email
I have the following Beanies for sale; Mel (Koala), Eucalyptus (Koala), Echo (Dolphin), Pouch (Kangaroo), Early (Robin), Millenium (Bear), Hope (Bear) and Britannia (Bear). All beanies have their tags on and are in excellent condition. Please e-mail offers to
i am selling awsome cards if your intterested in bying a holo shining gyarados or holo celibi +56 more holo and tons of rares
I want to sell my pokemon collection (over 300 cards) - including shiny Charizard, shiny Poliwrath, shiny Scyther, shiny Mewtwo, shiny Ninetales. All offers considered.
I want the beanie baby Nana, peking, slither, trap, humphrey, quackers without wings, billionare #5, and/or peanut the royal blue elephant. I will only buy them if they are $15.00 OR LESS. If you have any of them, email me at Willing to buy pok'emon cards $3.00 or less each and buying Ty's too!!:)
I have over 200 beanies. I have Ty, Warner Bros, Star Wars Set, Wizard of Oz, Sesame Street, Mary Popkins, Snow White & Drawfs, Tarzan & Friends, Rudolph and the misfit toy collection, Montgomery Ward collection, Toy Story, Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse & Friends, Russ Toys, and so many more. ---
My WHOLE collection .... NO cats or bears left. Retired - mint condition w/mint tags - smokefree in ziplok bags. Email me for my list, or email your wish list to me *prices are $4 - $7 each - prefer to sell a BUNCH at a time. or
I have one of the most rarest charizards that no one has ever seen and 58 other holographics to sell as well I'm hoping to get a very good deal on my charizard and my two holo pichu's which would cost around $100 - $200 there both japanese. Please write back at
Exotic, Old, and new beanie babies for sale. All must go because of moving. will sell for cheap price and am open to nogotiations.please e-mail me for a list or if you have an questions. thank u and have a good day!!
I have a large collection of beanie babies, including 1997 Holiday Bear, 1998 Holiday Bear, 1999 Holiday Bear, Princess, Erin, Curly, America....I'm asking 750.00 for entire collection, but will accept best offer I have approx. 130 beanie babies and I need to get rid of them...I have no interest in them anymore and especially no room. They are all in excellent condition and all have their tags except for one. Among them, I have 1997 Holiday Bear, 1998 Holiday Bear, 1999 Holiday Bear, 1999 Signature Bear, 2000 Signature Bear, The End, and America..I have other bears as well as many of the retired beanies. I'm asking 650.00 for the whole collection as the bears are worth more than the regular beanies, especially 1997 holiday bear. Sold individually, I am asking between $25 and $50 depending on the bear. The other beanies I'm asking $5-$10 each for. You can contact me at
iwant to sell my BEANIES!!!!! i have a hand made princess bear from china and i have a lot of bears and i have the hole collection of boxed beanies!!! and other beanies i need the $$ $ very much so please look at this add and i have packedged beanies i need the money very very very very much i want american money only!!!!!!!!!!! and my e-mail address is
Mystic 1994, Patti 1993, Snort 1995, Valentina 1998, Magic 1995, Hoppity 1996, Spooky 1995, Spangle 1999, Ty 2k 2000, Princess, The end, Slowpoke 1999, Arial 1998, Scorch 1998, Kickz 1998, Cheeks 1999, Inky 1994, Roary 1996, Tuffy 1996, Goldie 1994, Snowie, Blackie 1994, Chocolate 1993, Daisy 1994, Legs 1993, Ziggy 1995, Schweetheart 1999 also the collection of mc donald baby beany's still in bags First four sets of cokeacola beanit babies. $350 contact
I have 2 boxes full of retired beanie babies looking to sell as lot. Can email list. Serious inquires only please.
11 mint condition poke'mon cards Hitmonlee, Habotops, Clefable, Umbreon, Flareon, Mr. Mine, Shiny Gyarados, Shiny Venusaur, Beedrill, Nidoqueen, super energy removal and twelve full evolutions including some of the rare cards.
I have a 2000 TY beanie baby. I am willing to sell it to it highest offer. I also have Snip, Spunky,Amber,Sheets,Slowpoke,Halo,Mystic,Flashy,Rainbow, Swirly and Grace. They are all in mint condition with tags still atached. I will selll all these one for $10. I also have big Tys. If you email me with the one you are looking for and i will tell you if i have it and how much i want for it. my e-mail
I have got a scotland beanie and sizzle plus kicks for sale.if interested email me at all reasonable offers will be considered.
I am interested in selling my pokemon cards i have the complete base set, jungle, fossil, and rocket sets plus a few rare promos ummm i looked up the value on and it came to about $500 without rocket in there but go ahead name ur price send me an email back to
For swapping:- Three Scotland Beanie Babies - required three Wales Beanie Babies
I have a scotland beanie bear and sizzle and kicks for sale reasonable offers will be considered.please email me at
I am selling HUMPHREY never opened, chops the lamb and tusk the walrus mint condition and alot more please email me at unlike some people I will write you back ASAP. thanks
I have Dicky Beanie, I would like 6 for it It is 6inches tall like a lighthouse on two rocks
Would you buy a holographic Venusaur holographic base two, holographic fossil Moltres, holographic promo Meowth, holographic Ninetales and a holographic Raichu base two.
hi I have almost all of the pokemon jungles fossils base set 1 and 2 if you need anything we can make a deal email me at just tell me what your looking for Thanks
hi my name is Kandi Zielinski. I have alot of pokemon cards that I got into but do not know what there are supose to do or anything. I also have over 45 beanie buddys that I would like to sell to you if you are interseted. Please write back thank you Kandi
Brittania for sale. Email,
I have 2 snort the bull babies does anybody want to buy them
Hi I have a bunch of Pokemon cards for sale low prices. I have two rare holagraphic mews. I have not very many new cards. Write Back Grace Flood I have Many Beanie babies For sale. I also have Lotz of pok'emon cards for sale too. Grace Flood (814) 398-8491
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