1/6th Scale Consolidated
Serial No 42-95120

"HOOKEM COW" J3 - M (later Z5 - M)

NEW Wire Bender for making your own Landing Gear

John Deacon of Aylsham, Norfolk, ENGLAND is in the process
of building a 1/6th Scale Flying Model of "HOOKEM COW"
The specification of this Large Scale Model is indeed as impressive
as the orignial B24 that left the Ford Factory in March 1944.

I have included some photographs of the model as it is being built
together with the specification for the technically minded.

Wingspan 18ft 4in
Length 11ft 3in
Wing Area 29.1 sq feet

Estimated weight 120lb
Estimated Wing Loading 4.12 lb/sq ft
Engines 4 ZENOAH 45 45cc Petrol
Props. 22x8 in Menz Wood


1. Primary - Graupner / JR 16/20 PCM
1. Secondary - Futaba Challenger PPM ( Modified )


2 NER 638XZ PCM (Primary)
1 R118F PPM (Secondary)

Servos. ( 24 in total)

4 x Throttle NES517.
4 x Flap HS700BB - Slow
2 x Aileron HS700BB.
2 x Elevator HS700BB
2 x Rudder HES605BB
2 x Main U/C Retracts S148
1 x Steerable Nose wheel HES605BB
1 x Nosewheel Retract S136G
1 x Nose wheel Door S148 Slow
1 x Bomb Door S148
1 x Bomb Release S148
1 x Brake S148
1 x Tail skid S148
1 x Ball Turret S148 Slow


6 x 6v 2.4 A/H - Flight Packs (Primary)
2 x 2.4v 1600ma/H - Bomb Door Motors.


PCM Receivers operate flying controls, PCM Receiver controls auxiliary controls Air Operated Main Undercarriage Units with Up/Down Locks. Tail skid Interlocked with Main Undercarriage. Automatic Nose wheel Retraction / Nose wheel Door Sequencing.
Gear Driven Bomb Doors using Electric Screwdriver Motors.
Servo operated Nose wheel Brakes.
Entire Model covered in Lithoplate. ( Except control surfaces)

"HOOKEM COW" was the name given to one of the aircraft in a batch made by the Ford Motor Company in their factory at Willow Run, Michigan. in March 1944.
It was one of the first machines produced in a natural metal finish and was flown by Captain John L. OLLOM of the 755th Bomb Squadron, 458th Bomb Group, based at Horsham St. Faith, Norwich ( now Norwich Airport ). The artwork on the starboard side was a portrait of Captain OLLOM's wife, whilst that on the port side appears to exemplify the somewhat risque` names that young American airmen bestowed commonly upon their machines.
"HOOKEM COW" was in fact the name of of a popular Chicago nightclub of the time.
The Aircraft took part in many bombing operations over Germany and was transferred to the 754BS towards the end of 1944, and remained in service until it was destroyed on take off at Horsham St. Faith on 14th April 1945.

The construction of John's B24 is conventional balsa, liteply, spruce and aircraft grade plywood (there are glassfibre spars out to just past the main undercarriage).
There is a dual electronic synchronisation system on the outboard engines such that failure of either outboard engine results in the other engine returning to idle.
Cycling the throttle stick regains control of the remaining engine. The possibility of a sudden yaw after an outboard engine failure thus is eliminated.
As a visitor to this site I hope you like what you have seen and I will bring you more close up photographs as the project progresses.
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